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6676There are more than 200 theories of aging in the world, but all of them come down to the free-radical theory. When drinking the SVETLA water, you get the necessary quantity of antioxidants and increase your body’s adaptability to the emerging negative situations. Read more


medicine1During the process of creation of the water SVETLA, numerous researches in the leading scientific centers have been performed, like the study of the SVETLA water’s energy ratio at the biology department of the MSU, the study of the SVETLA water’sinfluence on cancer tumors in the Blokhin cancer studies center and many more. Read more

4646The unique waterSVETLA, activated with fullerenes, will help to cure the already existing diseases, and, what’s no less important, will be the best preventive remedy against the new ones. Read more


Я знаю, что существуют косметические крема с фуллеренами, однако они очень дорогие, если протирать лицо водой светла, то это будет способствовать улучшению состояния кожи?

SVETLA drinking water prolongs life!
SVETLA water can prolong your life, preserve your beauty and enhance biotic potential. This unique water, which is activated with the best antioxidants, fullerenes, is a real breakthrough in the area of rejuvenation and health improvement.
SVETLA drinking is a health source!
A whole list of diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimer disease and cardiovascular disease, can be prevented with the best currently known antioxidant fullerene.


The book will help you along your path to staying healthy and young, or restoring your health.

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What Do Our Diseases Begin With?
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The founder of the company “STELLMAS-D” Alexander Nazarov turned to the issue of the water’s beneficial qualities out of necessity. He undertook treatment in Slovenia, learned about the water’s curative properties and experienced them first-hand. The company has been developing dynamically since 2002, and now more than 150 employees in Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara and other cities all around Russia work for you and promote the healthy lifestyle.