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One of the fields of use of fullerenes demonstrating their benefits is cosmetology. As you know, the condition of our skin, hair and nails reflects our age, while their health depends not so much on the environmental conditions we live it, but on the health of our body. A youngster with pale and sagging facial skin, thinning hair and brittle nails produces an impression of an aging and unkempt man. All signs of accelerated aging are directly related to aggressive free radicals that damage our skin cells, preventing collagen restoration and maintenance.

Free radicals, those destructive defective cells, impede cell regeneration even in young bodies, which inevitably leads to aging.

Fullerenes are the newly discovered and best free radical killers. Regardless of whether fullerenes get into our body with new ultra-expensive face products or with drinking water (which is by the way better), they instantly start fighting free radicals, making us younger and healthier.

Importantly, unlike other antioxidants, such as vitamin E and C or carotenes, fullerenes work as magnets, attracting and then neutralizing free radicals for weeks.


So, what are the cosmetic and esthetic benefits of fullerenes?

Fullerenes have anti-inflammatory properties

Fullerenes reduce skin pigmentation

Fullerenes support skin restoration

Fullerenes minimize pores and improve skin complexion

Fullerenes treat acne

Fullerenes provide excellent UV protection

And the most amazing thing is you can have all that by simply drinking SVETLA water!