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The Immune System


There have appeared a lot of immune system boosters recently. Immune system disorders are a very serious issue people face today. We get sick a lot and sometimes we don’t even know why. A disorder of the immune system is what most people should answer. Fullerenes help people solve this problem much better than drugs. Free radicals cause a lot of damage to our immune system, preventing it from fighting infections and inflammatory processes. They damage our healthy cells by making breaches in them. As a result, our cells die or start mutating. That’s what causes our illnesses, from a simple cold to something as horrible as cancer.

Dehydration causes a weakened immune system, too. In a hydrated body the cells have everything they need for healthy organs and normal discharge of waste products, preventing them from contaminating and poisoning our body. Many people still don’t understand the importance of drinking pure water with the right mineral composition, and replace it with tea, coffee and other popular drinks. Today even kids drink soda instead of drinking water.



Luckily, there has finally appeared pure fullerene-activated water with a perfect mineral composition. With SVETLA, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. It will restore your water balance, while the fullerenes will improve your health. SVETLA will enhance your immune system, preventing you from getting sick.