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Obesity is a problem growing at an alarming rate. It’s not something only adults have to deal with. A lot of children are obese, too. Some believe obesity affects only their looks, while others don’t think of it as a problem at all. Obesity is a disease which causes other, more dangerous diseases, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. You can figure out whether you’re obese simply by measuring your waist. It shouldn’t be over 94 centimeters in men and 80 centimeters in women.

Try to do that, measure your waist. Hopefully, you’re in the safe zone. But if your waist measurement exceeds the recommended maximum, continue reading the article.


Obesity is dangerous because it increases the risk of prediabetes, a condition also known as insulin resistance syndrome. After that a person has a good chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Think about it. Metabolic disorders, caused by obesity or even overweight, lead to oxidative stress, while cell oxidation and destruction occurs. And it is all the fault of free radicals. SVETLA water with its effect of the new antioxidant destroys free radicals, reversing metabolic disorders.

The fullerenes our water is activated with have a long-term effect. A fullerene keeps removing free radicals from the body for as long as a month or two months. Drink SVETLA water continuously and you will lose weight once and for all. Just make sure you don’t drink soda with lots of sugar and artificial colors which are great sources of free radicals, don’t replace water with tea and coffee, and maintain a healthy diet.