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Cancer Prevention


It’s been scientifically proven that cancer cells appear as a result of the mutation of healthy cells. It happens as a result of free radical attacks on healthy cells of any organ in the human body. By taking an electron away from the molecule of a healthy organ, the free radical damages the cell and later the organ, causing cell mutation. Unfortunately, such mutations cause cancer cell formation. Like in a chain reaction, the cancer cells start to divide, leading to cancer. Antioxidants help prevent cancer. As a rule, in an individual living in good environmental conditions, amounts of free radicals are not ruinous to his health, and the antioxidants that come with food and drinking water keep them under control.


Spending too much time in the sun, alcohol abuse, fast food and environmental pollution lowers our immune system which causes an increased free radical production. To fight free radicals, we need a powerful weapon. Many studies have been conducted over the past few years by the Research Institute of Experimental Diagnosis and Therapy of Tumors of the Russian Cancer Research Center.

The scientists transplanted cancer cells into rats and treated them with small doses of fullerene water solution. As a result, tumor growth slowed down by 30 – 70%, while the rats stayed alive twice as long. The fullerene-activated SVETLA water is your best solution for cancer prevention as of today, because fullerenes are the most efficient and, more importantly, “the wisest” antioxidants humanity ever knew.