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Maintaining Youth

None of us wants to grow old. We all want to stay young and full of energy, and preserve the ability to think clearly. Sadly, our life contributes to quite the opposite. Continuous stress, air and water pollution, low quality foods and soda make our body age faster than it’s supposed to. However, humans are very complex and sophisticated “mechanisms.” We can self-heal. The problem is for that we should avoid dehydration and get rid of free radicals attacking and destroying our healthy cells as quickly as possible. We’ve said a lot about the health benefits of drinking pure water with the right mineral composition. But we can repeat that again. Each of you needs at least 1.5-2 liters of pure water daily. This helps our body maintain acid-base balance, prevents body acidification, and supports organ and system function. But what about free radicals? Formerly, people had enough antioxidants-vitamins and microelements to take care of the level of free radicals, but not anymore! Many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes, have become “younger.” Mankind is getting older, and elderly diseases strike the young, not mentioning such medical conditions as chronic depression, lowed immune system and allergy. It’s hard to believe but more babies are born allergic to breast milk. It’s scary…

SVETLA is your solution! This amazing water contains water-soluble fullerenes C60.


Fullerene-activated water fights free radicals to keep you young longer. Excessive free radicals in our body cause the so called oxidative stress, which in its turn causes accelerated aging. Usually, such antioxidants as vitamins can’t handle excessive quantities of aggressive oxidants, and a more radical solution is required, that is fullerenes! Fullerenes neutralize the destructive effect of free radicals, protecting our cells, preventing diseases, and ensuring the normal function of our organs. Fullerenes are not single-acting antioxidants. They stay in our body for 1 to 2 months, supporting our health. Start drinking the pure and natural SVETLA water now, and aging won’t come your way for quite some time, meaning you’ll stay young and full of energy longer. Your old age won’t prevent you from that.