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Liver Diseases

Our cell membranes are composed of unsaturated fatty acids. Phospholipids are what free radicals attack. As a result, the barrier function of the cell membranes gets disturbed. That’s why damage is caused to the organs composed of fatty acids in the first place.


Large quantities of unsaturated fatty acids are found in our liver, so it suffers the most damage. Fatty acid oxidation in liver cells causes rapid aging, disturbs the microcirculation of blood, and leads to various illnesses.

Such diseases as hepatitis and cirrhosis are also related to the damage caused to the membranes of liver cells. As a result of free radical attacks, such diseases develop quickly and their treatment is far more complex than their prevention. The most efficient and, more importantly, “the wisest” long-acting antioxidants, fullerenes are capable of restoring nearly all disorders in the human body and protect body organs from free radicals. Fullerenes gather up and neutralize free radicals, and have longer and better effect than all other known antioxidants.