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Cardiovascular System Protection


Cardiovascular diseases – such as coronary disease, heart attack and stroke – are the diseases of the century. These diseases are not getting “younger.” Why? Free radicals that destroy our healthy cells are among leading causes of cardiovascular diseases. Smoking, stress, poor environmental conditions, household chemicals, air pollution and other factors contribute to an increased production of free radicals in our body. They cause cholesterol oxidation in our blood, after which cholesterol sticks to the inside of our blood vessels, clogging them and causing atherosclerosis and further development of cardiovascular diseases. Horrible statistics shows that the number of people dying from cardiovascular diseases grows rapidly.

The discovery of fullerenes, the new antioxidants, was awarded the Nobel Prize. Fullerenes can help you cope with this very serious and dangerous problem of the XXI century. By destroying free radicals, fullerenes reduce the risk of developing heart and vessel diseases. This truly magic ball will keep destroying free radicals for one to two months, improving your heart health and cleaning up your vessels. SVETLA water can not only prevent cardiovascular diseases, but can also help people who already have them.


For instance, drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day reduces your risk of a heart attack for you to live a normal life. That’s what happens when you drink enough regular water. Speaking of SVETLA water, it’s twice as efficient! Apart from supplying the water your body needs, it helps it fight free radicals due to the best antioxidants that we know today – fullerenes.