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About Us

Established in 2001, STELMAS-D has been specializing in direct supplies of therapeutic mineral water from Europe for over ten years.

In 2002 the company launched its first wholesale supplies of Donat Mg, the water that became the most popular therapeutic mineral water in Europe.

In 2005 the company launched the production of Stelmas, drinking water that contains zinc, selenium and iodine. The water can be found in many pharmacies that choose it as a proven product of exceptional quality.

In 2006, while expanding our product offering,

we started supplying Sulinka, drinking mineral water with a therapeutic effect, to Russia. With its unique combination of macro and microelements, Sulinka restores mineral balance, enhances metabolism and improves skin, hair and nail health.


In 2009 we presented Stelmas O2, oxygen-drinking mineral water, and Stelmas MgSO4, drinking mineral water with a therapeutic effect.

Stelmas-D launched the production of its structured water Biovita in 2010. Biovita helps treat gastrointestinal diseases, psoriasis, ulcer, eczema, and other diseases.


In 2013 we launched our first supplies of Svetla. Svetla is activated with fullerenes that are the most efficient and, more importantly, “the wisest” long-acting antioxidants.

Stelmas-D advocates healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and SMART drinking of WATER, and collaborates with Russian and international scientists and medical experts.


We hope that the water we supply will help you stay beautiful, young and active, as well as be in harmony with nature and live a long, healthy life.