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About Svetla

Светла - вода из будущего

Produced by Russian and European scientists, SVETLA stands out from other kinds of water due to its unique properties. SVETLA is more than just superior quality pure water that comes from a natural spring. SVETLA is also activated with fullerenes.
We’ve done a lot of work to be able to offer you this water. Fullerenes work wonders, allowing people to live a long, healthy life.

Fullerenes are not a medical product. They work inside of our body – their primary function is to gather and neutralize free radicals (oxidants). We all know what free radicals are. They destroy our body cells. Unlike medical products, fullerenes have no targeted therapeutic effect on a specific disease or organ. Fullerenes act as a powerful antioxidant and produce long-term effect, curing and, more importantly, preventing various diseases.

4Free radicals form during oxidation. Actually, our body needs them, but excessive quantities of free radicals are ruinous. Humans are naturally protected from excessive free radicals, but unfortunately it’s not enough. In the past, people used to cope with this problem with the help of antioxidants they got from food, such as vitamins. But with today’s poor environmental conditions, low quality foods, chemicals and other unnatural stuff surrounding us, there’s been an increase in free radicals. Vitamins alone are no longer of help. Free radicals attack our organs, and our body can’t handle it. When damage is caused to the cells, the organ develops a disease.



Excessive free radicals may cause the following diseases:
Body intoxication
Hormonal misbalance
Digestive disorders
Immune system disorders
Cardiovascular diseases

These very diseases, which are caused by free radical attacks, are what fullerenes, the new antioxidants, treat. Moreover, fullerenes get into our body with water, but water has amazing properties itself, playing an important role in human health improvement. As you know, the body water constitutes as much as 75% of the body weight. Failing to replenish body fluids, you put your health at risk. Also, it’s very important to drink pure water, water with the right composition. Avoid drinking filtered water (reverse osmosis). The water you drink should be natural, because only natural water fills our body with life-giving energy.
By taking advantage of these two incredibly important properties – drinking pure water and fullerene effect – you will achieve great results on your way towards living a long, healthy life.