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Antioxidant Properties

What differs fullerene-activated water from other kinds of water, including allegedly the purest and healthiest ones. To understand that, you need to understand what happens when fullerenes get in our body water.

Most of you have heard of free radicals, but not all of you understand what they are and how exactly they damage our body. You’ve probably also heard of antioxidants, but you may not know what they are either. Let’s clear it up.

20Free radicals are irregular molecules that form inside of the human body as waste. These molecules are missing one or more electrons, so they try to take electrons away from other molecules. The struggle occurs inside of us, causing damage to our healthy cells. If a free radical attack on a healthy cell proves successful and the cell gets damaged, a disease will develop.   The danger of such attacks lies in the fact that damaged cells may cause cancer. Luckily, healthy people with good immune systems and healthy cells easily cope with free radical attacks. However, nowadays more and more people have weak immune systems, while the yield of free radicals grows. That’s why it gets increasingly more complicated to handle them and that’s exactly what fullerenes help us with.

C60 is believed to be the most stable fullerene of all. When found in water, this fullerene is what protects us from free radicals. This magic ball pulls free radicals up without being destroyed. Unlike other antioxidants, the antioxidant effect of fullerenes is repeated, and fullerenes pull up free radicals one after another and then help our body discharge them, preventing damage to our cells and thus preventing various diseases and premature aging.