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Prolongation of Life Is a Scientifically Substantiated Fact

It’s an age old dream to live a long, healthy life and stay young and beautiful forever. Philosophers have always been pondering upon the causes of aging, while alchemists have been searching for the elixir of life. Today there is a branch of medicine concerned with aging. It’s called gerontology. Of course, we modern humans, live longer than our ancestors. However, in a funny way the more rapid industrial development we have and the more comfortable our life becomes, the worse influence it produces on our health. Free radicals that we get from fast food, comfortable cars and homes, violently destroy our health. It turns we are the ones who’re killing us.


Today we can responsibly say that people have a chance to not only live longer, but also stay young and healthy. The positive effect of fullerenes on human health is a proven fact. These are not mere words. This has been proven scientifically. First experiments were carried out on rats, as rats have the same chromosome number as humans, they’re omnivorous, and their metabolism resembles human metabolism.

The first experiment involved two groups of rats. The rats from the first group were fed food that contained a preparation with fullerenes. The second group were fed the same food but with no such preparation. So, what happened to the rats? The rats from the first group which were fed fullerenes for 6 months lived 46 months, staying full of vitality. The rats from the second group lived 24 months, which is a normal lifespan for rats.
What conclusions can we draw? The rats which received fullerenes with food have lived nearly twice as long!


In the second experiment, the rats which received fullerenes were exposed to poison and fatal radiation doses. Amazingly, 95% of them have survived and stayed healthy.

In the final experiment, the researchers studied the rats with cancer and noticed a tumor growth inhibition of 70% in the rats which received fullerenes with food.

Experiments have been carried out on humans as well. The effect of a fullerene-based preparation is astounding. Patients suffering from stercoral and gastric ulcer, as well as lung diseases, recover far more rapidly. Many diseases reverse! Sounds unreal? No, it’s not!

Today average life expectancy is 74 years. Unfortunately, in our country it’s even less than that. However, now we finally have an opportunity to raise it to 100 years! Your recipe to stay young is simple: just drink 3 glasses of SVETLA water every day.

3 glass