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Research studies conducted at the Blokhin Cancer Research Center, Russia.

Research issue: study of the growth dynamics of transplantable tumors of ovaries and prostate glands in mice and rats under the influence of fullerenes.

The antineoplastic action of HyFn has been studied experimentally for 30-50 days. HyFn was injected into the rodents before (2-3 weeks) and right after tumor transplantation intravenously or intramuscularly, or given with water. The rodents received a total of 0.02 — 1.0 mg/kg of HyFn.

It should be noted that fullerenes received before and after tumor transplantation have antineoplastic effect. Along with a tumor growth inhibition of 30 to 70%, the life of the rodents in the in vivo experiments, which received HyFn as a prophylactic measure or therapy, has been prolonged, and the rodents lived 1.5 to 2 times as long.

The received antineoplastic effects of hydrated fullerenes require further thorough research, for it may lead, even now, to the development of a new effective class of compounds with powerful antioxidant and hormonal properties.

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