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About the Spring

SVETLA is produced from natural mineral still drinking water. Its spring is located in the heart of the mountain region of Dolenjska, Slovenia, to the south-east of the country’s capital Ljubljana. The area has no industrial or agricultural enterprises, contributing to the crystal purity of our water.

The spring is located 122 meters underground, while the water bottling plant is only 50 meters away from it. This eliminates the need to transport water which might cause its contamination, while the high bulk density of the local soil prevents underground waters from entering and polluting the spring.


In 2001, realizing the modern society’s growing interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Slovenia’s best soft drink bottling company that used this spring water to produce its soft drinks, launched the production of pure mineral bottled water.

SVETLA meets all European requirements and norms for natural drinking water and has an IFS certificate (International Food Standard). The IFS certificate guarantees quality of the drinking water of European drinking water manufacturers. Currently, the plant produces 58,000 liters of water per day. We’ve selected the Slovenian spring to use its water in the SVETLA water production because it meets the requirements for the quality, purity, taste, and salinity of natural drinking water, as well as other requirements.